David Dean

ddean copyddanMy massage room is a great combination of warmth and professional style.  You will find soft music, soft lighting, a fountain and inspiring art from the area’s local artists.  Every massage treatment is performed on a state of the art electric lift massage table equipped with a far infrared BioMat.  The BioMat is a level one medical device that encourages amazing relaxation, pain relief and healing benefits.  The mat contains a 40 lb layer of amethyst crystal coupled with far infrared heat and negative ion technology.  The warmth and gentle relaxation is an incredible experience but also a one hour session on the mat boosts your immune system by 60% or more. The BioMat is a great complement to my healing massage techniques.

I am also a Reiki Master and find energy healing to be one of my favorite methods to return balance to the body, mind and spirit. I encompass several healing modalities of massage and energy work to create a custom experience for your body’s needs.  Your good health, relaxation and care are my purpose and focus in doing the work I love.

Call for an appointment today at (270) 559-0310.